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Permanent queries

The results page after submitting an assignment query also contains a button named Activate this query permanently (if the respective feature has been enabled in Options/General settings). Clicking this button will save the last query to the database and activate it permanently.

Whenever a new subject registers with the database, ORSEE will check whether this participant fulfills the condition of any active permanent query of any active experiment. These checks are applied one by one (in the order of the time of activation of the permanent query), such that all exclusion conditions (e.g. “not assigned to experiment X”) are still correctly applied. When a participant's characteristics match a query, the participant is automatically made eligible for the query. If in addition there are open (live) sessions of this experiment and the respective feature has been enabled in Options/General settings, the participant will right away receive an invitation email to the experiment.

When a permanent query is active, it will be shown on the experiment main page in the participants section. There, you can also disable the currently active permanent query, if needed. Any assignments due to a permanent query will also be included in the ORSEE recruitment report.

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