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ORSEE recruitment report

To generate the recruitment report, click the Generate recruitment report button in the participants section of your experiment main page. The report provides some basis to judge potential selection effects, and can be attached as supplementary material to a journal paper submission, providing information about recruitment and session organization.

The report has four sections:

  • Experiment: This lists the main experiment parameters and settings.
  • Sessions: This section lists, session by session, the basic session parameters, the session state, the number of required and reserve participants stated in the recruitment phase, and the number of subjects for each participation state (participated, turned away, no-show, etc.).
  • Recruitment history: This section displays all participant assignment/deassignment queries run for this experiment and the resulting number of assigned/deassigned participants (actions with zero participants in the result are ignored). The list also includes statistics for permanent queries, if they had been applied.
  • Subject pool statistics: In the last section, the report provides information on demographics and experiment experience at three levels side-by-side: (1) the whole ORSEE sub-subjectpool from which participants were recruited, (2) the subset of participants eligible for the experiment, and (3) the subset of participants who eventually participated in the experiment.
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