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General features

  • subject pool organization
    • freely customizable participant profile form
    • all configured fields are searchable, can be conditioned on in eligibility criteria, and can be included in reports/lists etc.
    • multiple configurable participant statuses
    • “browsable” subject pool statistics
  • experiments
    • support for multiple laboratories, multiple sub-subjectpools, multiple experimenters, multiple experiment types, multiple experiment classes (tags) to classify experiments, multiple configurable participation statuses
    • ORSEE recruitment report provides details on session organisation, eligibility and recruitment, as well as subject pool statistics at pool, eligibility, and participation level
  • experiment organisation
    • monitoring of session enrollment status
    • extremely flexible participant query form (for search or eligibility criteria)
    • random subset selection out of filtered subject pool
    • permanent queries (that check eligibility criteria against newly registering subjects)
    • experimenters are informed about session's state by automated e-mails
    • reputation system, with number of no-shows as selection criterium, and configurable automated subject exclusion based on reputation score
  • participant interface
    • subjects are able to manage their own account
    • access either through token/URL or username(=email address)/password
    • specific enrolment page for access from mobile devices
  • emails and communication
    • all outgoing emails are based on templates that are freely editable
    • invitation, enrolment confirmation, and session reminder emails can be customized to experiment
    • calendar and session's participants lists in printable format (pdf)
    • regular e-mails with experiment calendar and subject pool statistics to experimenters
    • session sign-up confirmation e-mails
    • rule-based automated session reminder mailing
    • automated warning e-mail to subjects on no-show
  • files
    • upload / download section for experiment-related files
    • multiple configurable file types
    • flexible access system to own and other's files (upload, download, delete)
  • other
    • sophisticated access privilege management, with freely configurable user types
    • multiple language support for experimenters and subjects, unicode encoding throughout, including customizable date/time formatting
    • payment module allows to track payments to participants, with multiple budgets and payment types (cash, gift vouchers, etc.), as well as budget reports
    • email module allows to retrieve emails from any POP3/IMPA account, relate them to participants/experiments/sessions, and to assign them to specific researchers for processing
    • ethics module allows to enter details of ethics approval and expiration, and warns when sessions are planned after expiration date
    • easily configurable via web interface, with many configuration option
    • laboratory bookings for non-experimental events or experiments not organised with ORSEE, multiple configurable event categories
    • structured public and internal experiment calendar for sessions and event bookings, exportin ical format for inclusion in personal calendars like gCal etc.
    • data import function to migrate from older ORSEE versions
    • webpage design customizable through styles and colors directly editable in web interface
    • content of public webpage (pages for welcome, rules, privacy policy, legal statement, as well as FAQs) freely configurable
    • open source software

Technical features

  • LAMP application
    • runs on Linux (or Windows or Mac or …)
    • Apache webserver recommended (but IIS and others work as well)
    • uses MySQL database
    • implemented in PHP
  • Data is completely separated from the application, application and data reside on your own server.
  • Recommended system: Linux or MacOSX. However, ORSEE also runs on Windows systems with some adaptations.
  • Further requirements: PHP on command line, webalizer for usage statistics, cron daemon (or replacement) for regular jobs.
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