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ORSEE provides comprehensive real-time statistics about the system, the web server use and your subject pool. Statistics can be accessed from the Statistics tab in the navigation menu.

The System statistics provide information about interactions with the system in general. In particular, you are informed about the number of participant profile registrations, confirmations, changes in participant profiles, and unsubscriptions in the past months.

The Subject pool statistics provide summary data about the subject pool, and are browsable. That is, by selecting the Filter out options for each value of a subject demographic and clicking Apply filter, the (other) tables and figures can be broken down for any subset of participants defined by particular demographics. For example, you can restrict all displayed statistics to male students in economics or unsubscribed participants with more than 3 no-shows.

The provided statistics currently include tables and figures on:

  • sub-subject pool
  • subscriptions to external experiment types
  • participant statuses
  • any custom multiple-choice field of the participant profile (types select_lang, radioline_lang, select_numbers)
  • experience (number of participations)
  • number of no-shows
  • activity (last session enrollment, last profile update, last activity)
  • experience in experiments of particular experiment classes
  • monthly count per participation status
  • monthly share of no-shows

A text version of the subject pool statistics can be regularly sent by e-mail to subscribed experimenters (see Options/Regular tasks and Options/Preferences).

Webserver statistics are produced with the help of a regular task that runs the program 'webalizer' on the subset of the server log that applies to the ORSEE installation. The installation and configuration is described in section Web server statistics.

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