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Mail queue

To improve performance of the system, ORSEE uses an internal mail queue for some types of emails.

Specifically, the following emails are sent through the mail queue:

  • experiment invitations,
  • session reminders,
  • no-show warnings,
  • participant exclusion emails
  • bulk emails (from search results, unconfirmed profile list, session participant list)

That is, these emails are not sent immediately to the recipient, but first to a queue table in the database. A regular system task processes the mail queue every 5 minutes (or whatever you defined in Options/regular system task) and each time sends out 50 e-mails (or whatever you defined in General settings).

You can access a particular experiment's mail queue from the respective experiment main page, or watch the whole mail queue the Statistics/Monitoring section. If there are many emails in the mail queue, the display is paged. You can access a respective participant's profile page or an experiment's main page directly from the queue.

You can delete emails from the mail queue by using one of three options:

  • Delete all deletes all emails from the currently displayed (experiment/general) mail queue.
  • Delete all on this page deletes all emails displayed on the current page.
  • Delete selected deletes all emails in the list that have been selected.

Some other system emails are sent directly after a particular action: * the participant profile registration email after a person signed up for the database,

  • the session enrolment confirmation email after a subject enrolled in a session,
  • the enrollment cancellation confirmation email after a subject cancelled her enrollment for a session, and
  • the password reset email when a subject requested a password reset.
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