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Calendar and events


The calendar in the experimenter area provides more information than the calendar in the subject area. For every experiment session it contains the internal experiment name, the date and time of the session, the experimenter(s), the enrollment statistics, and links to the experiment main page and the participant list of the session. A click on the Print Version link returns a pdf file of the calendar.

In the calendar, the sessions of different experiments are presented in different colors, which can be configured in Options/Colors.

Event bookings

In addition to session bookings (which happen automatically by scheduling a session), you may want to book the lab for other purposes, for example meetings, software tests, maintenance, or even experiments that are not organized with the help of ORSEE. A click on Make non-experimental laboratory booking allows you to do that. You fill in the following fields:

  • Laboratory: Choose the laboratory where the event takes place.
  • Event category: Choose a category for the event. Categories can be, for example, “meeting”, “software test”, “maintenance”, or “Marketing course-credit experiment”. Categories can be added/edited in Options/Event categories.
  • Start and end date and time: Differently to experiment sessions, events can span multiple dates. (If they do, they are shown in the laboratory calendar as lasting from begin to end of the laboratory opening hours every day.)
  • Experimenter: Choose the researchers / administrators associated with this booking. Per default, the name of the person entering the booking will be pre-filled.
  • Description: Enter a meaningful description here, this will be displayed in the calendar. (If the feature of Number of participants below is used, the Description is interpreted as the study name.
  • Public description: Enter here how you want this event to be displayed on the public calendar. If you leave this field empty, then the event will not be displayed on the public calendar.
  • Number of participants: This field is only displayed if the feature Allow to add participant numbers to non-ORSEE-experimental laboratory bookings? is enabled in Options/General settings. In some laboratories, you may want to track the number of participants in certain event categories, for example in experiments that are not organized with ORSEE. When there is an event category with a positive number of participants over all related events (entered in this field), then it will be automatically included in the Statistics sections on laboratory usage, for example number of participants per month, number of sessions/bookings per month, number of distinct studies per month.

After submitting the form via the Add button, the booking will be made, and you will be informed about any clashes with other lab bookings. Also, for an existing booking, there will be a button Copy as new event. Clicking this button will display an add-event-form with a new id, but all values of the current event pre-filled.

Calendar export

The ORSEE calendar can be exported in the ical (.ics) format. To enable this, assign the user rights calendar_export_all or calendar_export_my to the respective administrator types (see User rights management) - depending on whether you want to allow them to export a calendar with all sessions and events or only those where they are listed as experimenter.

The administrator can find the personalized link to his/her calendar on her profile page (Options/Preferences). The link can be copied there, and used in calendar software like GoogleCalendar or Outlook to import the calendar from ORSEE. How often the calendar is refreshed depends on the settings in the respective calendar application. (For example, Google Calendar does not allow to set a refresh interval, while Outlook does.) The links to the calendars are like “keys” and should be kept confidential by the users.

In Options/General settings you can configure how many months back and into the future from current time should be included in the exported calendar data.

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