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This option is a kind of “wizard” that creates the configuration of the data import script for you, based on your answers.

The script assumes that the old database (from where you want to import the data) is located on the same server and that the MySQL user of the new database (the one you entered in the the main configuration file config/settings.php has read access to the old database.

You will first choose the old ORSEE version from which you are importing the data (since this will determine how we have to translate the old data) and which database you want to import from.

The second page will pose a number of questions to you. These will be about how extensive the import should be, and how to translate certain properties in the old version to newly designed properties in the new version. For example, you will have to state how old participant profile fields relate to new participant profile fields.

The last page then generates the configuration code for the install/data_import.php file. You copy this code over to the import script, and then run the import script.

More details on the data import procedure are given in section Data import from old versions.

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