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Unconfirmed participants

After participants register for the recruitment database, they will first receive an email asking them to confirm their registration. As long as their profile is not confirmed, they will not receive any invitations and will not be able to enroll in studies (see also Subject pool registration for information about the registration process).

On the participants overview page you see a statistics about participants who have not confirmed their subscription to the database yet: their total number, and how many of them have registered within the last four weeks. By clicking on the Registered but not confirmed link you will see a list of all participant profiles which have not been confirmed yet. (You can customize the columns included in the result table in Options/Query result lists.)

In the list, when you click on the respective subject's email address, your email program will open with a new confirmation email to that participant which you can then send again. A click on the button Write e-mail to all persons listed below the list will open your email program with an empty email, where all email addresses in the list are blind-copied (bcc-ed).

To delete unconfirmed profiles, either choose Delete all, or select the profiles you want to delete and click Delete selected. Note that deletion is permanent, these profiles will be completely removed from the database.

You can also manually edit the participant profile and set the participant status to Active by clicking the Edit link, which will open the participant profile in a popup window. However, it is not recommended to manually confirm participant profiles this way, you should try to make sure that the confirmation email reaches the participant and that the participant is able to access the recruitment system before activating the profile. A better way is to either resend the confirmation email as described above, or to delete the profile and ask the person to register again.

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