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Searching participants

When you click on Edit active participants or Edit all participants on the participants main page, you will be provided with a similar search form as the one used for assigning participants to an experiment (for a description of the query tool, see section Assigning participants). The difference between Edit active participants and Edit all participants is that the former restricts the search to participants of an “active” status (i.e. participants who are eligible to enroll for experiments) while the latter searches through he complete database.

Submitting an empty form (without any conditions) will return a list of all respective participants in the database. One difference of the participant search query tool to the participant assignment query tool is that here the queries are not automatically saved. To save a query, click the “Save query” button on top of the results list. The saved query will then be available in the “Load saved query” list of the query form. (The number of queries to be included in the list can be set in Options/Default values.)

From the result list, you can access and edit the participant profile of a participant or apply bulk actions to a set of participants.

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