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Bulk actions

You can apply a number of bulk actions on selected participants in the results table from a participant search. First select the participants in your list (use the All checkbox to select all rows), then use the do … dropdown to choose the action.

Currently, there are the following bulk actions available:

  • Send bulk email: This action will open a simple email form, allowing you to fill in a subject line and an email message (in each language enabled for participants). A click on Send will put the messages to the selected participants into the mail queue from where they will be send out.
  • Set participant status: This allows you to change the participant status of all selected participants. For example, you might search for all participants with a no-show-number larger then X, select all rows of the result list, and set their participant status to Excluded. The form also allows you to add a comment to the Internal notes field of the respective participant profiles, for example the reason why the status is changed.
  • Set profile update request: This allows you to set the pending_profile_update_request status in the participant profile of the selected participants, as well as the sub-subjectpool they will be moved to in case they edit and confirm their profile. For details on the procedure to request participants to confirm their database subscriptions please see section Profile update requests.
  • Anonymize profiles: This will set the profile fields (defined in the configuration) to default values (also defined in the configuration). Additionally, you can assign these selected participants to a new status (e.g. “anonymized” or just “unsubscribed”). Please be careful, since this procedure is irreversible. Once a profile is anonymized, it cannot be recovered.

Please note that bulk actions will be applied right away, and the search will be reloaded. Thus, if the bulk action changes something that is search relevant, the result list will be different. (For example, if you searched for active participants with a no-show-number larger than X, and exclude all of them, the returned search result after the bulk exclusion will be empty, because these participants are not active anymore.)

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