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Web server statistics (webalizer)

To generate web usage statistics, ORSEE can run the program webalizer on the ORSEE part of the access_log file of your web server. The analyzer program webalizer is a standard package in most Linux distributions, but can also be installed on Windows.

To configure the webalizer output, ORSEE takes the configuration template from usage/webalizer.template, processes it and creates a webalizer.conf file in the usage/ directory.

The configuration in the default template should be sufficient for most users. However, you may change the template file to fit your needs (check the webalizer documentation on that). The strings enclosed by '#' are variables which are replaced automatically by ORSEE when processing the file. You should not change the lines starting with 'HTML', because they make sure that the statistics can be accessed only from the administration area after authentication. The output of webalizer is written to the usage directory.

As you may have noted, the system user who creates the webalizer statistics needs to have write access to the usage directory. That is, when the statistics are created via the corresponding regular task, the user running the cron job (see section above) has to have write access. However, when running the statistics generation manually from the Options/Regular Tasks area, the user the web server is running under needs to have write access. In the best case you use the same user for both tasks (cron and webserver). If not, make sure that the directory is writable for both (or at least for the cron user).

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