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Download and installation

The basic installation of ORSEE is straightforward:

  • Download,
  • unpack,
  • import database,
  • edit main configuration file,

and done. After that, you use the Online configuration to configure and customize your system.

Download the systems' source code from sourceforge (or go via the ORSEE website at Unpack the tarball (or zipfile, if you downloaded that) in your webservers' path. Then change to the install directory. Here you find the file INSTALL.howto, which gives you detailed instructions on how to install the system.

Normally, for a new installation you first have to create your MySQL database and to import the database structure from the file install/install.sql by typing

mysql databasename -uusername -ppassword < install.sql

Thereafter, you just have to edit the file config/settings.php as described in the section below. Once you set this up, you can login into the system using the username orsee_install and the password install. The URL to the admin area of your ORSEE installation should be something like


Then edit all the options as described in the previous sections, install the cron job and configure webalizer, and you are ready to start.

If you upgrade your system from an older version of ORSEE, please refer to the file UPGRADE.howto which includes detailed directions on how to upgrade to the current version from previous versions. What to do when upgrading depends on the version gap between your old and the new version, and on whether you made changes to ORSEE's open source code yourself. Generally, one of two procedures is used:

  • When the database structure has not changed between the versions, you simply install the new version and connect it to your existing database. You may have to copy your styles to the new installation (see Styles) and to upgrade your languages (see Importing a language file) if the new code requires some new, previously undefined language symbols.
  • When the database structure has been changed between the versions, install the new ORSEE system with a new database as described in this section. Then prepare the data import with Options/Prepare data import, and configure and run the data import script install/data_import.php. This script will read the data from your old database into the new database. For details, please refer to Data import from old versions.

The file install/CHANGELOG keeps (loose) track of code and database changes between versions.

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